The Flash Crabcake Company

Written by: Noah Presler

Jeffrey and Jo Gordon deliver Maryland classics – crab cakes and cream of crab soup – as the one and only mobile crab cake company.  Their menu is simple, but their recipes and fun approach to food service is irresistibly unique. Follow Flash Crabcake Company on Facebook. 

The Only Mobile Crabcake Company

Flash Crabcake Co. is not a food truck. The Gordon family: Jeffrey, Jo, Carson, and Beau, run the one and only mobile crabcake company. What this means is simple: “We do one thing, and we do it well. Crabcakes.”

Even the cream of crab soup comes with lump crabcakes inside when you order the new headliner “the Best of Both”.

The Beauty of Simplicity

The Gordons are former owners of JoMomma’s Steak & Seafood. They know the business of BBQ and the typical overly complicated menus with hundreds of options/combinations. Flash crabcake does away with this complexity: get soup or get a crabcake, or even get both. In any case, you’re good to go in a flash.

The Big Mac of Crabcakes

Try the DBLR with TWO super lump cakes on Martin’s potato roll with lettuce and tartar or mustard!

You don’t find many crabcakes sold curbside. They are a delicacy, filled with plump, delicious blue crab meat.  Usually, a great crabcake will lighten your wallet a bit more than you’d like, however, the Gordon’s have been in the business, buying the same crab for over 20 years. This experience has kept the price of their product low, and the quality of their cakes high.

In your first bite of a Flash Crabcake, you’ll find a mouthful of flavorful lump crab  – markedly with less bread filling and more meat. Deliciously spiced, you will need no condiments to enhance this succulent sandwich. Yet, mustard and tartar sauce are always available to enhance your crabcake experience.

Cream of Crab Soup

Cream of crab soup is served with crackers and is perfect for on the go eating

My favorite bite while on board the Gordon’s mobile kitchen was a heaping spoonful of warm, rich, and delicately seasoned cream of crab soup with the slight crispness and spice of a freshly baked mini lump crabcake.

This creative spin on a Maryland classic is what has me returning again and again. A cup of cream of crab soup, with or without the crabcakes, is the perfect snack for your walk to class or quick meal in the back of the lecture hall.

Bonus: checkout this delicious Marlyand Crab Soup Recipe from Jeff and Jo!

Follow The Flash Crabcake Co.

If you live in Baltimore, are visiting Baltimore, or are ever just driving through, grabbing crabcakes and cream of crab soup from the Flash Crabcake Co.  is an absolute requirement. Be sure to throw them a follow so you never miss out on this Baltimore treasure.

Come by, try a freshly baked sample and I guarantee you will walk away with a smile (and chances are a sandwich or cup of soup as well).

The mobile crabcake kitchen can be found next to Charles Commons most Mondays! You might even find JHU senior BME, Graeme Steller, charismatically working the truck. Come by!


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  1. Noah, Thanks you for the glowing review. It’s FLASH Fans like yourself that reinforce the “If You Know, You Know” statement. Keep spreading your special kinda love!

    Maryland People ~ Maryland Way

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