Center Cut Doughnuts merges unique and unexpected tastes, traditional Jewish baking, and the Hampden aesthetic into one incredible frosted package – Baltimore’s new favorite doughnut! Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp or grab a delivery via Postmates, OrderUp or UberEats! Be sure to try the challahnut! 

Baltimore’s New Favorite Doughnut

Center Cut Doughnuts - Hampden, Baltimore Sweet Shop

Baltimore native, born and raised. Homegrown hampden-ite.

Josh Kowitz is a Baltimore baker, born and raised. On top of that, he’s a homegrown Hampdenite!

For the past three years, Kowitz has been honing his skills as a master doughnut craftsman. He got his start at the Hampden farmers market. Since then the demand for his sweet creations (and even a few savory ones) has grown exponentially.

It didn’t take long for him to decide to take leave from his day job as a credit analyst – a job which had him traveling the world, experiencing the phenomenal growth of the vibrant doughnut scenes popping up across urban America.

In November of 2016, the opportunity that would lead to today’s Center Cut Doughnuts presented itself. There was no turning it down – it was time to bring the doughnut craze to Baltimore.

Crazy, Quirky, Fresh & Delicious

Cannoli Dougnut & Powdered Sugar

Kowitz sprinkling powdered sugar on top of the new cannoli doughnut

What do you get when you combine Hampden’s quirky culture with traditional Jewish baking and unusual flavors? The most delicious and unique doughnuts you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

Just how unique? Center Cut features new flavors nearly everyday. To name just a few, I’ve personally tried flavors like Lemon Poppy, Peach Bourbon, and Orange Creamsicle. There is even a Chocolate Bacon and an Oreo Cheeskcake doughnut which each make surprise appearances.

Of course, there are also the regulars: Brown Butter, S’Mores, The Homer, Choco w/Sprinkles, and Apple Streusel. All of which are exceptionally delicious and deserving of their reserved space on the shop’s shelf.

The Inventors of the Challahnut

Delicious Variety Center Cut Dougnut

There are so many delicious options, but my personal favorite is the Challahnut.

My recommendation would be any doughnut with Center Cut’s signature Challahnut dough. The Challahnut is Kowitz’s claim to fame: a deep fried Jewish challah bread dough.

In my opinion, this quirky spin on an ancient classic creates the perfect doughnut: not too sweet or oily, more chew than your average doughnut, yet still light, fluffy, and absolutely packed with flavor.

The inspiration for this creation comes from Kowitz’s upbringing. Josh grew up eating and preparing Jewish baked goods with his parents. His family ran grocery stores in Hampden from the early 1960s and as a result he gained significant exposure to the delicious recipes of the Jewish culture. That is why you will find knishes, hamentashen, and other Jewish deli classics at the Center Cut storefront – I highly recommend you try one of those savory snacks!

Grand Opening – Saturday, April 8th

I promise, the Challahnut and Center Cut’s classic doughnuts will keep you coming back for more. BUT, if you don’t believe me, go and taste for yourself!

On Saturday April 8th 2017, Center Cut will be hosting their grand opening – “A doughnut party like no other”. There will be giveaways, prizes, and new menu selections. Rumor has it that new specialties like “The Doughnut Hotdog” and “Challahnut Breakfast Sandwiches” will be making an appearance.  Check it out!

Delivering to Your Campus

Too busy to come out? Need a sweet pick me up amid the stress of exams? Get your Center Cut fix delivered fresh to your door via Postmates, OrderUp or UberEats. Even better: take the nice (and short) walk from Homewood to Hampden to enjoy the fresh Mass Appeal coffee and relaxing atmosphere of the Center Cut store front.

Perfect for Student Groups

Looking for the perfect treat to sell for a fundraiser? To draw a crowd for an event? Center Cut is the new kid on the block and is sure to help your next event top the charts. Speaking from experience here… “Free Doughnuts” on any Facebook Event seals the deal. Period. 

Mention NoahEats for special student group bulk pricing: $26/dozen for any order over 3 Dozen.

That’s nearly 15% off and larger discounts are available for larger volumes!