Pantelis Bakoulas – “Pita Pete” and B’More Greek’s Famous Lamb Gyro

Becoming Baltimore’s Favorite Greek Food Truck

The Bakoulas brothers (Pete and George) have a shared passion for excellent, convenient cuisine. This is no coincidence: it is in their blood. They grew up eating the traditional dishes of their Greek heritage, the recipes for which have been passed down for generations as the heart of their culture and traditions.

Along with the secrets to the star dishes like their famous homemade baklava, tzatziki, and gyros, Pete’s mother has passed down her dream.  Since she and her husband immigrated from Greece it has been their dream to give the people of Baltimore a taste of her authentic family recipes by opening a restaurant.

Pete and George have hit the ground running (or more accurately, driving) their way to accomplish this dream. Just over one year ago, the duo embarked on a journey to create the B’More Greek food truck as a stepping stone to bringing their mother’s restaurant to fruition.

The Iconic B’More Greek Food Truck

The brothers are well on their way. Within 12 months of starting their business they have opened a second food truck and a third is right around the corner.

This growth and success can be attributed to two attributes: the undeniable drive the brothers have to accomplish their dream, and the even more undeniably delicious flavor they deliver through the window of their bright blue trucks.

Behind the Scenes

“The value the Bakoulas family places on their dream is displayed through their attention to detail, cleanliness, and unending commitment to their customers”

Since day one, the Bakoulas family has been 100% hands-on with every aspect of this business. In fact, the family has collectively built the trucks from scratch while simultaneously running and staffing the current fleet.

Every little detail is handled in-house and the value the Bakoulas family places on their dream is displayed through their attention to detail, cleanliness, and unending commitment to their customers.

Even the food, down to the yogurt base for the amazing tzatziki, is made by the family, fresh and on the spot. A bit of help from some family friends is all they have ever needed.

Mom’s Marinated Chicken

The time that goes in to each of their dishes is a testament to this commitment. Each of B’More Greek’s staple chicken skewers requires a full day of preparation before the perfectly tender and slightly citrusy chicken chunks reach the customer.

The freshly grilled skewers bring traditional greek flavor to the streets of Baltimore with a zesty and refreshing modern twist.

Loaded Greek Fries

“My favorite dish is the greek fries topped with salt, pepper, lemon, feta cheese, oregano, and parsley”

Yet, the Bakoulas family french fries recipe might even beat the chicken. The fries are fresh cut from potatoes on board the truck. They are prepared Chicago style and are fried with techniques similar to those of Ocean City’s Thrashers.

Baltimore’s New Baklava

“… a rich, delicious pastry that simply cannot be passed up”

After eating fries or filling up on one of the incredible platters, it is highly recommended that you finish the meal with the homemade Baklava.

This top secret recipe is one of the oldest in the family, passed down for generations. Layers upon layers of very thin fillo dough and crushed nuts are assembled and soaked in a homemade honey syrup. The result is a rich, delicious pastry that simply cannot be passed up.

A Culinary Legacy In the Making

B’More Greek and the Bakoulas family have built some serious momentum. In the past year they’ve successfully launched a business, they have doubled the size of their fleet and are well on their way to tripling it. Yet, all the while they have maintained a quality bar that is clear from the moment you see the pristine blue truck pulling up to the curb.

The passion, traditional flavors, and modern twists that B’More Greek brings to the table has set them up for success. This is a family to keep your eye on, they are a Baltimore culinary legacy in the making. I have no doubt that their big entry into a brick and mortar is right around the corner!